Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prayer Problems

"I will praise you as long as I live,
lifting up my hands to you in prayer."(Psalm 63:4 NLT)

*SPOILER ALERT! Todd will be using the following story for a small part of his sermon on Sunday.

The best I can hope for as a mom and a Christian is for my children to have a deep and personal relationship with God. I help my children form these bonds early by praying with them and for them.

Sometimes the girls really seem to understand what prayer is all about. And sometimes not.

Ava finally kicked her binky habit. It wasn't easy, and there may have been some bribery involved. But she's been binkie-free for one solid week, so I'd say we're in the clear.

The first night was particularly terrible. The poor thing just didn't think she could sleep without it and was utterly distraught. Todd and I took turns going into her room to try to calm her down. Once she settled down a bit Todd went in, dried her tears, and asked if she wanted to pray about it. She said yes, so he began to ask Jesus to help her relax so she could drift off to sleep. As he was finishing the prayer, Ava added, "And please bring back my binkie!"

I clearly have some work do. Pray for me?

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