Saturday, September 8, 2012


Instead of complaining about the 8 round trips I took to and from Princeton on Wednesday...
I should be thankful that my girls are lucky enough to participate in dance classes and have other extracurricular opportunities available to them. That I have a reliable enough car to take my kids to and from school. That I get to spend some special time with each child on the way to school each day.

Instead of wanting to poke out my own eyeballs from the girls' constant whining/bickering/mess-making...
I should be humbled that I've been chosen to be their mother. Thankful that they're alive and healthy enough to complain. Know that the lessons I teach them are as much for me as for them.

Instead of grumbling about the fact that I can't vacuum my whole house from the same outlet anymore...
I will be a proud steward of the spacious parsonage I've been given. Remember that this small act has a huge impact on my family's calm and well-being. Use my daily cleaning time to clean out my heart and mind as well.

Instead of dreading the 36 straight hours each week of parenting without Todd around because he's far, far away at school...
I will focus on doing everything I can to keep the house running smoothly so he doesn't have to worry while he's away. Be thankful that God has provided enough for us to allow Todd to go away to school and for me to be at home full time this year. Look forward to hearing what Todd's been learning about and how God is shaping him into an instrument for His purposes.

Instead of fretting about how to be in two places at once...
I will embrace that I have not one but two awesome church families. I will accept that I am doing what I can at each church, even if it doesn't seem that I'm giving them equal attention. I will learn the value of serving though prayer, not always through action.

Instead of feeling completely overqualified to be a taxi-driver, short-order cook, secretary, laundress, and dog walker, I will take a deep breath and know that my skills as a teacher aren't being wasted on being "just a mom", they're being recycled.

Instead of hating the bad days, I will claim the peace of knowing that this is exactly where God needs me to be right now, faithfully following.

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