Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Magic

Everyone's favorite little red elf is back for more holiday fun! Eleanor, our Elf on the Shelf  arrived on December 1 and has been up to no good ever since. Check out the slideshow below to see what she's been up to so far. I add new pictures to the album every day so you can keep checking in on the fun!

I'd like to explain why we (OK, mostly I) go to all this trouble to create holiday magic for the girls. We are, after all, a Christian household and should be focusing on the REAL meaning of Christmas, right? My answer is simple: we do both.

We've been following our Jesse Tree devotional, which I wrote about last week. Our family focus is, and always will be, the birth of Christ and His presence and power in our lives. My kids have enjoyed listening to the stories of creation, the fall, Noah, and Abraham. They have heard these stories before, and the authors of the devotional do an excellent job of pointing these stories to Jesus. Our devotional time has become a special time, one that both the kids and Todd and I look forward to each day.

It's also important to teach the girls to believe in things which they cannot see or touch. This letter helps explain what I mean. Christmas isn't about a man in a suit. It's about people, coming together for generations, to show each other love through giving. It's bigger than you or me. It's about faith.

What magic comes to your house at Christmas?

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