Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beauty in the corn rows

It's our first spring in the Illinois valley.  It's beautiful down here: lush green, black soil, blue sky.  Last week the farmers finally got a chance to plant their corn.  Ava, Maddie, and I got to watch their progress on our way in and out of Tiskilwa each day. Most of the corn is already up. I snapped this picture this morning coming back from dropping Maddie off:
It's not much at first glance.  You can see the tiny corn sprouts growing.  From this angle, it looks rather messy and random.

Here's what happens when you turn 45 degrees, though:
Perfect rows.  Simple, neat, beautiful.  You can tell the skilled farmer took care to plant his seeds.  

Isn't life kind of like that?  Our lives can seem weedy and random.  We struggle to find beauty in the mess. But sometimes if we change our perspective, we can see the outlines of a bigger, more complete picture.  

What unexpected places are you finding beauty lately?  Could changing your angle change your outlook?

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