Friday, August 29, 2014

Ask a pastor ' s wife

One of the benefits of being the wife of an itinerant United Methodist pastor is getting to meet new people everywhere I go.  Seriously, everywhere.  Grocery stores, outlet malls, coffee husband and I strike up conversations, or respond to others' questions, almost anywhere. It's so humbling to be an ambassador for Christ and his church.

So, here's your chance.  Any burning questions you want to ask a pastor's wife?  I'm not shy (you probably already knew that) but keep'em clean and appropriate, of course.  

Post your questions in the comments.  I'll respond to them next week in my blog post.  

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  1. I'm sure you were proud and excited when your husband stepped up and filled in for the pastor but when he realized it was his calling and decided to be a full time pastor how did it make you feel? What were the initial thoughts versus current?

    The children are probably too young but did the girls have any thoughts or questions about it? Do u you think their opinions will change when they are teenagers?


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