Sunday, December 14, 2014

28 acts {2014 edition}

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Ever since the tragedy at Newtown two years ago today, (which I wrote about here), my family has completed random acts of kindness to honor the 26 lives lost that day.  I always complete 2 more acts in memory of the shooter and his mother, for we must force ourselves sometimes to have compassion and understanding for all people involved in unimaginable violence. 

(For a recap on our past random acts, go here and here.)

Each year, even with trimming the tree, decorating, and baking, this is the tradition that most puts me in the holiday spirit.  

Here's our list for this year:

1. Give away toys & DVDs to Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
2-3. Send Christmas cards to soldiers
4-7. Put quarters on gumball machines
8. Cookies to fire station
9-10. Cookies to garbage men
11. Cookies to mail carrier
12-13. Encouraging note to teachers 
14-16. Kind notes in library books 
17-19. Treat to grocery check out person 
20. Sit next to someone who looks lonely on the bus
21. Invite someone who looks lonely to play at recess
22. Donate food to our church's backpack ministry
23. Send a card to Kaitlen
24. Leave a positive comment on a blog
25. Leave a quarter in the shopping cart corral @ Aldi 
26-28. "Jingle" our friends and neighbors

Will you join us? Kindness is contagious! 

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