Thursday, January 1, 2015


Even though it's cheesy and cliché, I love setting goals for the new year.  And since they're still young enough to think it's fun (and I can still bribe them with candy) I make my girls do it, too. 

We've been doing this for enough years now that the girls know how to give their answers some thought. And it's cute to compare their answers over time. 

Here are links to the ones I use for the girls from

I use a one-word new year goal sheet from the same website for my resolutions:

My word this year is wonder.  
There are multiple meanings to this word choice--stay with me.

My kids are at an age where everything they do is amazing. Maddie is beginning to blossom into a little lady. She's learning how to navigate the drama of middle school with grace and humor. She is so into Harry Potter it's almost scary. 

Ava is beginning to read and write. Her enthusiasm for using her newfound skills is inspiring. She loves doing anything her big sister does (sometimes to big sister's dismay). Her kind heart and sensitive soul make me want to be a gentler mother. 

Harper is doing new things every day and is revealing her personality. She loves making us laugh and is quickly learning how to push our buttons. She might just break me with her shoddy sleep habits, but she knows exactly how to turn on the charm when I'm feeling frustrated. 

I want to stop to wonder about who they are, who they're going to be, how I can best shape them, and how they are shaping me. I wonder how I've been so lucky to be their mom.

I'm also at a career crossroads. I wonder: what am I going to be when I grow up?  Will I teach again? Is my career headed on a different trajectory? Am I being a good enough ministry partner to my husband? Am I being a good MOPS ministry leader? I wonder: can I do it all well?  

I have the usual goals, too. Eat better. Make time for exercise. Write more. Rest. Date my husband. Read my bible.  Listen. 

I guess wonder is more about slowing down and reflecting on how richly blessed I am. Wondering about how my daily choices affect my little tribe and acting accordingly. Wondering about how I can better align my gifts and graces with a job outside the home. Wondering about how wonderful and terrible life can be at the same time. Wondering how great is our God.

Do you do resolutions?  If you had one word to focus on for 2015, what would it be?

Happy New Year, friends.  

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