Saturday, December 12, 2015

A year of wonder

Last December, I chose a word for the year: wonder. I put my paper (from Thirty Handmade Days) where I would see it regularly--next to the mirror hanging inside the closet door--so every time I checked myself out I was faced with my goals for the year. It was a humbling experience.

This year has embodied my wondering spirit in many ways. I've become more mindful of my bad habits and have done more thinking about my parenting than ever before. I've kept up with blogging and writing, which has promoted introspection and reflection. I found employment with an amazing non-profit and am using my skills in ways I never thought possible outside a classroom setting. I've deepened my relationship with Jesus through reading and scripture study, and though I still have questions, I now have more trust in the answers.

So many things have gone right this year and after many years of struggle, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't begun to wonder if this kind of family, church, and career satisfaction would ever be possible for me.

But as 2015 draws to a close, I'm far from done wondering, though much of my wondering lately reaches outside of myself and my home and extends out into the hurting world. I wonder about my influence in my community and how my one small voice might be used for good. I wonder how my small act of wearing a dress every day in December might save a woman somewhere in the world from a life of slavery. I wonder how I might begin to have conversations with people of different religions, races, or sexual orientations so that I might better understand their perspectives. I wonder how I might inspire others to see the moral obligation we have to take better care of the earth. I wonder if anything I do for my kids even matters (though I know better).

What was your word for 2015? As  you reflect on this year, do you see your word's influence woven throughout your story?

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