Friday, April 8, 2016

Cloth Napkin Addiction

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I'm addicted to cloth napkins. This is only a sampling of my stash, which takes up an entire drawer in my kitchen.

It all started back in 2012 when we were transitioning Ava out of cloth diapers and into undies. Todd and I were looking for more ways to be green (read: frugal) while Todd was in seminary. I stumbled upon some DIY posts on Pinterest on how to jazz up plain white napkins and settled on turning the girls loose with fabric markers. 

Those napkins are still in our rotation. And this year Harper got her chance to add to the stack. 

But are cloth napkins really more Earth-friendly than paper? I checked a source I trust,, to find out: 

The verdict: for home use, cloth napkins are by far better, even when you factor in laundering them. It's worth considering bringing along your own cloth napkins to restaurants as well. 

Do you use cloth napkins? Have you made or decorated your own? Share your own pictures of your cloth napkin stash!

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  1. I love cloth napkins, too! I keep a couple at the office as well. At home I turned cloth dishtowels into napkins by cutting them in half and hemming the cut edges. Those are a little smaller than standard size, but I like the feel. And they were less expensive to make than the prices I could find for regular cloth napkins.


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