Monday, March 28, 2016

Celebrating new life in a hurting world

I haven't written in a while. Keep reading, I have an explanation.

This phrase was written on the chalkboard in my kitchen for Lent. I must have walked past it 20+ times a day for 40 days and nights. It was my not-so-silent prayer that God open my heart to where He wants me and to give me the energy to accomplish His work.

Well, it seems God went for a literal "new heart", because, well, this happened:

That's Baby Krost #3, arriving in early November 2013. To say our family is over the moon is an understatement. This new life and the potential it holds is an extraordinary gift.

I wish I could live in a bubble with my joy and anticipation (and nausea) but I can't. Recent events like the Boston Marathon bombing, Newtown, Aurora, and the plant explosion in Texas have made that nearly impossible. Anyone else out there feel like there's nothing we can do to protect our babies? You really should read this.

We can't keep our loved ones safe. But we can't not try. We need to redefine "safe".
(Image taken from Momastery)

As we saw in Boston this week, good always outweighs evil. Bystanders help the injured. Exhausted marathoners run two extra miles to donate blood. Citizens open their homes to stranded travelers. Love wins. God wins.

So what do we tell our kids? And what do we tell ourselves? Be good to each other. Keep praying. Look for the helpers and pitch in where you can. And don't be afraid.

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