Monday, March 28, 2016

Accidental pumpkins: a lesson on limits

See those garbage cans? Those are at the back of my house. See those pumpkin vines growing next to the garbage cans? Those are the fruits (or vegetables?) of my extreme laziness. Last fall, I set our squishy, sad pumpkins next to the garbage cans to dispose of, since apparently opening the garbage can lid was too hard. 

And then this spring, seeds from the discarded pumpkins began to grow from the soil beneath a few inches of landscape rock.

What an unexpected moment when I first saw those wide and unmistakably pumpkin-looking leaves start to grow. I had done nothing to deserve these pumpkins, but I became determined to reap a harvest. Harper and I checked on them several times a week. But honestly, I just let them grow. It's all I could do. 

I attended MomCon, the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) yearly national conference in Indianapolis this weekend. One of the sessions I attended was led by Emily P. Freeman, author of Simply Tuesday 
and Grace for the Good GirlIn her session, she shared her wisdom on small-moment living in a fast-moving world. One of the most profound things she said was this: celebrate your smallness. The idea that we are small can lead some of us to fear and despair, but it's really a gift. We are small. We are not God, so embrace your limitations, let things grow around you, and be amazed.  

I could barely wait to get back home from MomCon to check on the pumpkins. I knew before I left that they'd probably be ready to pick while I was gone, and I hoped I wouldn't miss my window. Here's the final harvest: 

Six little pumpkins, one for each member of our family (if you include the dog). Since this year's crop was so successful, maybe I'll accidentally-on-purpose dispose of them in better soil this time. 

In what areas of your life do you need to embrace your smallness? Where do you need to just let things grow?

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